Research & Design Activities

Ru / Ua

The services listed here below are rendered by the Technical Department of MAU (both staff members and/or specialists hired as the subcontractors to the contracts between the Agency and the Customer):

Ship design

  • development of draft (pre-contract), technical and workshop designs of ships of diverse types and destination - of unlimited navigation area, river, lake, and mixed (river-sea) navigation, and co-ordination of the developed designs with the classification societies by order of the Customer.

Modernisation, repair and conversion of ships and floating structures

  • development of designs of renovation of the existing ships on the level specified by the Customer, in compliance with the Rules of the classification societies;
  • elaboration of designs of modernisation and conversion of ships (with change of destination or for the purpose of putting the ship in line with the Rules of classification societies currently in force);
  • working out designs of reclassification of ships (with the numerical-experimental substantiation of extension of navigation area);
  • compilation of designs aimed at increase of the cargo-carrying capacity (with numerical-experimental substantiation of increase of the service draught);
  • development of designs of modernisation and/or repair of floating docks without cease of their service (with numerical-experimental assignment of the safe service draught);
  • working out the schedules of hull flaw detection for the ships carrying bulk cargo in accordance with the IACS rules;
  • the expert evaluation of repair sheets with minimization of the scope and volume of works for replacement of the hull structural members;
  • carrying out experimental investigations of the ship sea-worthiness during the voyage (measurements of parameters of the stress state of hull structures, vibration, accelerations due to ship motions in the cargo spaces, service compartments, dwelling premises of the ship);
  • performance of repair works by the riding squads in the course of voyage (repair and replacement of hull shell plates, structural member and units of ship machinery and mechanisms);
  • assessment of the actual technical condition of the ship hull basing on the flaw detection protocols and estimation of the ship hulls strength resource;
  • carrying out calculation of total and local strength at substantiation of technical decisions when transporting the oversized and heavy-weight cargoes;
  • carrying out calculation of laying ships in the floating or dry dock;
  • development and/or correction/refinement of the ship service documentation ("Total longitudinal strength and stability booklet", "Damage stability and floodability booklet", "Instruction on ship loading", etc.);
  • substantiation of one-passage voyage;
  • development of designs of towing of ships and floating structures.